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Agile Framework & Mindset

Agile Framework & Mindset

“Apply Agile thinking to create high performing teams”


Agile is a mindset, defined by values, guided by principles and manifested through many different practices. Business agility depends upon a strong foundation in applying Agile principles, processes and frameworks along with embracing Lean and Agile thinking.

This pillar includes the following competencies: Agile Methods, Scaled Agile Planning, Facilitation and Collaboration, and Agile/Lean Mindset.


Agile Framework Mindset Video

Problems We Are Solving

  • Slow time to market, can’t deliver fast enough for customer’s needs
  • Quality/rework issues, little customer engagement
  • Silos, handoffs, heavy processes, lack of trust/communication
  • Multi-tasking, starting work but not getting it to done
  • Role specialization and confusion, ‘not my task’ thinking
  • Lack of predictability and learning, catching failure too late

Desired Outcomes

  • Shift from a plan-driven to a value-driven organization, measured by delivery of business value
  • Cross-functional stable teams eliminate waste caused by multi-tasking and high work in progress (WIP), measured by reduced decreased cycle time
  • Predictable delivery of value through defined planning and execution cadences across teams, measured by increase in predictability and customer confidence


Agile Methods

Agile Methods are a family of development processes (Scrum, Kanban, XP), not a single approach to software development. These methods support core agile values and principles, allowing the organization to learn and adapt quickly. Learn More

Scaled Agile Planning

Scaled Agile Planning is applying Agile methods, practices and team design across the organization to align plans and activities from the top, strategic level down to the detailed level where teams are working to deliver through short iterations. Learn More

Facilitation and Collaboration

Agile teams are self-organizing and empowered to decide how to deliver to the product vision. Effective facilitation and strong collaboration within and across teams supports the visibility, communication and healthy culture that is needed for Agile teams to perform and deliver. Learn More

Agile/Lean Mindset

An Agile Mindset is a set of beliefs and viewpoints that support an Agile environment where teams can become high-performing. Lean Thinking is about delivering more value with the same or less resources by eliminating waste across organizations and business processes. Learn More

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  • Agile mindset not fully understood or embraced
  • Inconsistent Agile techniques & methods applied throughout the organization
  • Overlaps with Stable Teams

Change Management Solutions

  • Agile mindset demonstrated at the top level of the organization
  • Enterprise Agile standards are set while allowing the teams autonomy on agile techniques & team norms
  • Agile mindset embedded within the organizational DNA


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