Agile For Business Teams

Agile & lean principles applied outside of IT


For the transformation toward business agility to stick and create meaningful change, Agile will need to move outside of just technology teams and into the business.

Fortunately, this movement towards Business Agility has already had some great strides with proven case studies and success for adoption across Sales, Marketing, HR, Business Operations, Finance, Manufacturing, Hardware and even for space programs at NASA!

The New Way of Working

Agile and lean advocate for the following mindset and new way of working:

  • Focus on delivering highest value quickly
  • Engage with customers frequently for feedback
  • Deliver in small increments and learn quickly
  • Build cross-functional teams that can deliver customer value
  • Experiment, measure results and pivot when needed
  • Tolerating uncertainty and adapt to change
  • Focus on making an impact over effort
  • Align teams around value streams and outcomes
  • Give teams focus and stability to finish what they start
  • Shift from command and control leadership to enabling autonomy

When agile thinking is applied at scale, business and IT partners create a trusting environment, working together to continuously improve toward delivering value.

Agile Culture @ Nebraska Blue (BCBSNE)

Real World Business Agility Stories

These are stories about Agility being applied to non-technology teams (i.e. Finance, Claims, Sales, Nursing & Human Resources).

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