Agile Framework & Mindset

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Purpose: Apply Agile thinking to create high performing teams as Agile is a mindset, defined by values, guided by principles and manifested through many different practices. Business agility depends upon a strong foundation in applying Agile principles, processes and frameworks along with embracing Lean and Agile thinking.

We recommend having an Enterprise Business Agility Strategist or Agile Coach available to coach your leaders & teams. They are also able to assist your organization at the team, program, portfolio and enterprise levels across several teams and projects.

Part 1: Real World Agile for Teams

Part 2: Deep Dive Into Agile Roles

Part 3: Advanced Agile for Teams

Part 4: TeamHealth Assessment & Growth Plans


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Download Courseware  Part 1: Real World Agile for Teams

Download Courseware Part 2: Deep Dive into Agile Roles

Download CoursewarePart 3: Advanced Agile for Teams

Link for Resources Part 4: Scaling Agile, TeamHealth Assessment

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Agile Framework & Mindset

A Journey Through the Agile Lifecycle