Validation & Optimization

Customer Seat at the Table



Product validation and optimization is the process of fine-tuning a product through measuring and tracking feedback from customers as independent improvements are implemented and tested. The key to this process is to identify and prioritize specific features for development that provide product differentiation and have value to the customer. Each improvement is tested and assessed independently and customer feedback is gathered and used as the next improvement goes through the discovery activities.

Dual Track Agile

Solution Discovery activities continue throughout this phase to gather feedback from customers and internal customer intelligence data to define future Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and Minimal Marketable Products (MMPs) and identify enhancements to an MMP that has already been released. This process is referred to as Dual-Track Scrum or Dual-Track Discovery Process.

Continuous Customer Feedback

Lean product development takes a whole systems view, validating the solution from early discovery phases through to delivery, continually engaging the customer, testing ideas and learning, for the purpose of ensuring that the product delivers maximum value for the customer.

The Lean Startup methodology provides processes to accelerate the “Build-Measure-Learn” feedback loop through quick and iterative learning. This reduces risk and moves the solution closer to the target through validation and measurable results.