Enterprise Business Agility Seminar | 2 hrs

EBA Seminar Description

Leaders are facing increased pressure to deliver faster, better products. The journey of true Enterprise Business Agility is one that requires an overall transformation strategy that combines lean portfolio management, organizational value stream design, lean product development, leadership & culture, measurement, DevOps and other elements.

Through this 2-hour seminar, we’ll dig deep into the seven critical pillars of an Enterprise Business Agility transformation and help executives understand the elements needed for designing successful business agility transformations where Agile/Lean goes beyond IT.

Learning Objectives

  • Key drivers for business agility and why organizations are moving in this direction
  • Lean Portfolio practices and how to bring visibility into your demand and capacity while aligning teams to business outcomes each quarter
  • Modern ways of logical organizational design and team structure that facilitate faster flow of value through cross-functional teams
  • The three metrics that matter for understanding the health and performance of your organization
  • The critical step required for leadership transformation that enables autonomous teams


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EBA Seminar