EBA Strategy Planning Session  | 1 Day

EBA Strategy Planning Session Description

This workshop is intended for senior transformation leaders and change agents who are actively transforming their organization to develop a vision, measures for success and transformation roadmap towards EBA. You’ll also design your Transformation Leadership team, decide on the scope and how fast you want to go and identify key stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:
The goal of this session is to develop a clear vision, define transformation outcomes and measures, agree on scope, build a transformation roadmap, design the transformation team and complete high level planning for first quarter outcomes.

  • Consensus on challenges and drivers for change
  • Quick review of the 7 pillars of an Enterprise Business Agility transformation
  • Transformation vision/intent, themes and investment
  • Transformation outcomes and quarterly roadmap
  • Top risks and mitigation strategy
  • Transformation team design
  • Planning, execution, visibility and reporting
  • Change management plan
  • Review outcomes for next quarter
  • Identify key deliverables
  • Final consensus and vote on the plan


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