Enabling Business Agility

Leadership & Culture Transformation



The Enabling Business Agility approach enables the organization to be responsive to a dynamic, complex business environment. Leaders manage the context and lead through influence, design the container/systems that enables team success, lead through uncertainty and ambiguity and adapt themselves and the organization to constant change.

Adaptive Leadership Mindset

Adaptive leaders:

  • Are knowledgeable across Business, Industry and Technical areas, with the appropriate lean toward the Business perspective
  • Provide 360 leadership, with strategic, tactical and technical competence
  • Have a consultative mindset, providing business problem-solving and applying methodologies and frameworks
  • Are disruptors – thinking boldly and outthinking the competition
  • Challenge the thinking of business and functional units in a professional way, with healthy skepticism
  • Educate business and functional units where necessary

Learning and Growing

Adaptive leaders recognize that learning, growing and changing is a lifelong endeavor and they see challenges as opportunities to learn. With a growth mindset, leaders are not afraid to try new things. They are persistent and work toward mastery. This contrasts with the mindset that intelligence is fixed and that challenges are threatening to our security or ability to be successful. 

Organizational Agility

Adaptive leaders apply Agile principles and practices to the organization as a whole to improve learning and responsiveness to change.

The Principles of Organizational Agility cover three core areas: Product, Portfolio and the Organization. Based on the Agile Software Development Manifesto, the principles of the Manifesto of Organizational Agility speak to broader environments in which teams exist.

Business Agility Report

394 respondents from 166 companies from around the world took part in the first-ever Business Agility survey. Download the report to learn more about their maturity and insights, challenges, and successes.

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