Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) & Team Design Jump Start

Jump Start Description

Purpose: Mature portfolio management by focusing on defining and aligning around business outcomes and optimizing team design.

We recommend having an Enterprise Business Agility Strategist or Lean Portfolio Management Coach available to coach your leaders & teams. They are also able to assist your organization at the team, program, portfolio and enterprise levels across several teams and projects.

  • Part 1: EBA & Pillars Overview, EBA Assessment
  • Part 2: Outcomes & OKRs | 2 Days
    • > Day 1 focused on 3 year and 1 year, day 2 focused on quarterly
  • Part 3: Org & Team Design Optimization | 2 Days
    • > Focus is learning Org/Team Design patterns and implementing them
  • Part 4: LPM Quarterly Planning | 2 Days
    • > Used to facilitate a quarterly LPM planning session with focus on demand management sessions and capacity/delivery alignment sessions


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