Make it Stick

“Create measurable, lasting success”


Leading a Business Agility transformation takes planning, time and effort and often represents a large investment. For the change to provide lasting value, it is important to “make it stick” and avoid falling back into old patterns and behaviors.

The competencies that support making a permanent change include: Build Internal Capacity, Continuous Measurement and Growth, Agile Talent Management and Change Management.

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Problems We Are Solving

  • Not enough experience or knowledge on new methods/skills
  • Reverting back to old ways of thinking and working
  • Fear and resistance to change, no change management plan
  • Hiring practices, job descriptions and performance appraisal practices don’t fit the Agile model
  • No clarity on vision, direction or measurable goals for the transformation

Desired Outcomes

  • Increasing support, knowledge and buy-in for the transformation, measured by engagement or resistance level
  • Meaningful metrics are used to create growth plans at the team, program, portfolio and enterprise level, measured by improved organizational health and performance
  • Traditional hiring, rewards and performance management practices have been replaced with modern Agile talent management measured by individual and team growth and attracting the right talent


This pillar focuses on the below competencies. The Learn More links take customers and certified EBA Strategists to resources inside our measurement and growth platform, AgilityHealth. Use your AgilityHealth login to access.

Build Internal Capacity

Agile practices “stick” and begin to mature by building internal capacity through Agile champions, coaches and experts, developing and sharing their knowledge across the organization. Learn More

Continuous Measurement and Growth

To determine whether the transformation is having the expected results, continuously measure performance by looking at team health holistically and creating growth plans for improvement. Learn More

Agile Talent Management

Agile Talent Management involves working with HR on hiring and onboarding practices and to create a system that rewards performance and behavior in alignment with team goals and the Agile culture. Learn More

AgilityHealth Certifications

Grow your talent in measurement, continuous improvement and Enterprise Business Agility strategy.

Certified AgilityHealth Facilitator

Learn how to facilitate Measure & Grow workshops.
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Learn how to use data to grow teams and enable self learning.
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Enterprise Business Agility Strategist

Learn how to assess and accelerate Enterprise Business Agility.
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This 1 day workshop will help you develop a measurement and continuous improvement strategy with a clear road-map for what to measure at each level and design the right jump start to meet your needs. The session engages the right leaders, managers and stakeholders to build the plan and gain buy-in and support for execution.

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Create measurable & sustainable success by investing in building internal change leaders and enabling a culture of measurement and continuous improvement. Check out our AgilityHealth Facilitator, AgilityHealth Coach and Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Certifications.

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