Technology Agility

“Continuous delivery of business value”


Technology Agility evolves the technical culture, processes and tools toward quality and efficiency. Building trust and collaboration, minimizing waste and creating effective feedback loops are key aspects in meeting the overall goal of delivering business value more quickly.

Technology Agility includes Vision and Architecture, Technical Excellence and Innovation, Software and Tools and DevOps and Continuous Delivery.


Problems We Are Solving

  • Unstable and hard to maintain operating environments
  • Slow response to changing business needs
  • Testing ideas is costly and high risk
  • Lack of innovation and process improvement around technical practices and solutions
  • Slow recovery times
  • High defect rates

Desired Outcomes

  • Customer value is delivered quickly, measured by time to market and responsiveness to change
  • Ideas are safely and effectively tested in Production, measured by customer satisfaction
  • Technical debt is avoided or resolved timely, measured by quality and lower costs
  • Happier, more productive teams, measured by team morale
  • Faster resolution of problems, measured by resolution time
  • Fewer escaped defects, measured by quality


Vision and Architecture

Vision and Architecture support the Technology Agility through providing clarity, insight and problem-solving for the teams. The architecture is built over time to support delivery of business value and emerges based on project needs and requirements. Learn More

Technical Excellence and Innovation

With Technical Excellence and Innovation, quality, sustainability and the customer’s experience are everyone’s responsibility. Technical Excellence is advanced through a set of core Agile engineering practices, including emergent design, test driven development, test automation, collective code ownership, pair programming, continuous integration and shared coding standards. Innovation is achieved by applying Agile and Lean principles to self-organizing teams completing ideation and solution discovery, working closely with customers, and rapidly creating and testing prototypes. Learn More

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

DevOps is close collaboration of operation engineers and software developers throughout the entire lifecycle. System Operations staff use many of the same techniques as developers for their systems work, creating a true blending of Development and Operations where Agile principles extend beyond the writing and testing of code. Learn More


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Technical Health Radar

Helps a technology transformation team assess the current state of the technical maturity of program/product line or organization.
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DevOps Health Radar

Technology Delivery team(s) can gain visibility into their current DevOps maturity, identify key areas for growth, and develop a concrete growth plan of action for the next quarter at the team and leadership/organizational levels.
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