Vision & Architecture

Technology Agility


Vision and Architecture support the Technology Agility through providing clarity, insight and problem-solving for the teams. The architecture is built over time to support delivery of business value and emerges based on project needs and requirements.

Architectural Guidance

When moving to DevOps, teams need clear guidance and support from technical leads and architects. These strategies include:

Reuse Mindset

Establish a mindset toward leveraging existing data sources, services, components, frameworks, templates, and other assets assets rather than creating new ones, when possible. When creating assets, build them with reuse in mind.

Managing Technical Debt

Any debt is a risk; pay it off before it interferes with quality. Build quality into the process by having a clear and complete definition of done that minimizes creation of technical debt. Address existing technical by making it visible and prioritizing it.

Development Guidelines

Architects work collaboratively with developers to establish development guidelines and best practices so that solutions are high quality, align with new technology, are consistent and can be easily maintained.

Technical Roadmaps

Future plans for infrastructure, architecture and development tools, standards and practices are created and shared, in alignment with business and organizational goals. Plans are adjusted regularly and support the iterative development process. Plans are used to develop a common, consistent and flexible technical infrastructure to support DevOps practices.