Transformation Strategy



Below are some examples you can use to engage your transformation team, stakeholders & customers.


  • Gain buy-in & organize attendance of key stakeholders, leadership & executives
  • Gather logistics & all supplies (ensure you will have plenty of wall space)
  • Prepare for the Enterprise Business Agility Health Baseline
  • Gather your as-is team design & identify skill gaps
  • Gather backlogs for any previous, in flight or planned transformation work
  • Gather previous materials re. vision, objectives, measures or roadmaps & ensure champions are ready to discuss/present at the session
  • Review & customize the agenda & invite participants
  • Ensure all necessary supplies are available (wall space, markers, post-its/white boards, etc.)


  • Introductions
  • Norms
  • Agenda & Desired Outcomes
  • Examples Review – Set the Stage
  • Working sessions (examples) – build the Transformation Roadmap
  • Report Outs
  • Alignment & Consensus
  • Next Steps, Ceremonies & Sustainability Plans
  • Retrospective


  • Manage the transformation roadmap & growth plan
  • Execute stable team design/model
  • Measure progress
  • Execute training, coaching & communication plans
  • Institutionalize ceremonies to support the transformation
  • Inspect & adapt

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