Enterprise Business Agility Explainer

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Business Agility is the ability to respond to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed and thrive in a competitive market. The journey of true Enterprise Business Agility is one that requires an overall transformation strategy that combines lean portfolio management, effective team design, modern product management, Agile, leadership & culture, measurement and digital transformation.

This seminar will explore these seven pillars of Enterprise Business Agility and help executives understand modern patterns used by other enterprises to accelerate this journey. AgilityHealth is a thought leader in this space and will be sharing real-world examples of how to make this journey a reality.

Seminar Duration: 2hrs
  • Overview of Enterprise Business Agility (EBA)
  • Understanding the 7 pillars of EBA
  • How to accelerate your journey
  • Closer look at these pillars:
    • Customer seat at the table
    • Lean portfolio management
    • Org/team design
    • Leadership agility
  • Measuring what matters
7 Pillar Overview

This workshop is designed for Executives and Transformation Leaders (business, technology, HR, PMO) to get an overview of Enterprise Business Agility