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The Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) Strategist Radar is an individual role-based survey that enables measurable and sustainable enterprise business agility transformations across all areas of business operations and delivery. The goal is to dig deeper and help Certified EBA Strategists gain insight into their performance by recognizing strengths as well as development areas related to the EBA Model and yes, you can customize the radar!


  • Enterprise Business Agility Knowledge
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication & Leadership
  • Organizational Development & Strategy


Certified Enterprise Business Agility Strategists – their peers, stakeholders & team members.


Twice a year

How it Works

New Customer

  • Request a demo of AgilityHealth®
  • Complete the AgilityHealth® Facilitator Certification – View Schedule
  • Complete the Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Certification – View Schedule
  • Pilot AgilityHealth®

Existing Customer

  • Contact your Company Administrator
  • Schedule a demo of the Individual, Multi-Team, & Portfolio level radars available