Getting Started – Education & Awareness

Starting the Enterprise Business Agility journey always begins with education, awareness and buy-in.

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Measurement & Strategy

The second step is getting a baseline of your current EBA maturity and designing a strategy and roadmap for where to focus.

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Customer Seat at the Table Jump Start

Mature product management & discovery practices by focusing on the customer, learning modern discovery and opportunity assessment methods and assessing your current maturity.

Lean Portfolio Management Jump Start

Mature portfolio management by aligning your work to your strategy, defining and aligning around business outcomes, forming stronger LPM teams, assessing your current maturity and building growth plans.

Team Structure & Design Jump Start

Mature the structural agility of your organization by learning the modern patterns leveraged for designing virtual teams aligned to value streams and who can flow outcomes. Enable role agility and build solid enablement teams.

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Agile Framework & Mindset Jump Start

Enable Agile methods and mindset throughout your organization, across both technology and business teams. Stabilize and optimize your current Agile adoption for technology teams and start the journey for your business teams.

Leadership Agility Jump Start

Mature leadership agility by focusing on developing leaders at all levels and enabling new behaviours that support the new ways of working. Bring managers and team leaders on the journey of building high performing teams.

Make It Stick Jump Start

Create measurable & sustainable success by investing in building internal change leaders, bringing HR to the Agility journey and enabling a culture of measurement and continuous improvement.

Looking to License Courseware?

Courseware Licensing & Train the Trainer Program

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to! 

Courseware development is VERY time consuming and we’ve spent years building and updating the content for this Enterprise Business Agility library. We now have a licensing program that can help you cut down development cost and time and give you a scalable solution for internal training.

  • Over 30+ enterprise business agility courses available
  • One time fee for a perpetual (unlimited) license
  • Fully customizable by you with internal relevant examples or terms
  • Train the trainer program
  • Support and updates for 1-2 years
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