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Measure Your SAFe® Maturity at Every Level

In partnership with SAFe®, AgilityHealth® provides powerful radars to assess the health and maturity of your organization.

Features & Capabilities

Explore the powerful capabilities of AgilityHealth, the world’s leading measurement and continuous improvement platform.

Measure Maturity + Performance

  • Assess agility and performance using our intuitive radars
  • Track growth and trending overtime
  • Benchmark with internal teams or the global AgilityHealth Index®

Enable Self-Learning and Growth

  • Build improvement plans at all levels
  • Access targeted recommendations, videos and resources
  • Customize or tailor Growth Portal content as needed

Visualize Team Structure

  • Create teams, programs, portfolios and lines of business
  • Visualize and track by hierarchical or reporting structure
  • Set thresholds for role allocation or overall stability

Leverage Actionable Insights

  • Visualize overall team agility, maturity, performance
  • Compare improvement over time and against benchmarks
  • Understand stability, allocation and talent gaps

Align Teams to Business Outcomes

  • Align strategy to execution using objective & key results (OKRs)
  • Enable teams to understand the value of their work
  • Track and update 3-year, 1-year & quarterly progress

Accelerate Talent Development

  • Measure role-based maturity + performance using individual or 360 assessments
  • Identify skill and talent gaps across your organization
  • Create individual or manager level growth plans

How It Works

AgilityHealth makes it easy to establish a baseline for teams/trains and leverage results to continuously grow.
  • 1

    Get Certified as an
    AgilityHealth Facilitator

  • 2

    Facilitate a Team
    Strategic Retrospective

  • 3

    Turn Insights
    into Action

  • 4

    Measure Growth
    Over Time

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