Business Agility is the ability to respond to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed and thrive in a competitive market. Because gone are the days where big companies eat small, today fast companies eat the slow.
This executive series is for senior executives working in larger enterprises who are undergoing major transformations to their business and technology areas and who want to understand what it takes to drive Business Agility and modern operating models within their organizations.

This 6 part series is designed to provide thought leadership, real world use cases and patterns for what other larger enterprises are doing to accelerate their journey towards Business Agility.

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Workshop Duration

6 two hour sessions OR 3 half days

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

1- Enabling Enterprise Business Agility
Overview of enterprise business agility, drivers for change and common industry patterns for maturing product, portfolio and operating model redesign. Understanding the journey ahead and the 7 pillars to invest in. Approaches to accelerating the journey by investing in Customer Seat at the Table, modern portfolio planning, redesigning operating models, adopting Agile and continuous delivery, transforming leaders at all levels and sustaining the change.

2- Becoming a Product and Outcome Driven Organization
Shifting to outcome based planning, enabling discovery and validation of ideas, maturing product management roles. Maturing demand management and enterprise annual and quarterly planning and prioritization. Exploring real world best practices for creating effective OKRs (outcomes and key results) at the strategic, annual and quarterly levels. Learn to experiment and test assumptions using data.

3- Team and Org Design for Agility
Why organizations are shifting from project to product teams. Understanding design patterns for teams, product level (team of teams), portfolios and enterprise leadership. Common team design principles for success and different types of teams. Overview of the leadership triangle and roles and exceptions at each level. Review shared service challenges and the 6 design patterns. Overview of modern operating models to flow outcomes and challenges to pure hierarchical models.

4- Measuring what Matters and Continuous Improvement
Overview of the 3 types of metrics (maturity, performance, outcomes) and how to measure them at each level. Deep dive into the enterprise agility metrics: Flow, Value, Quality, Happiness. How to leverage data to drive improvements and accelerate the journey. The role of leaders and removing organizational obstacles that impede flow.

5- Optimizing Delivery – Patterns to Accelerate FLOW
Overview of Agile ways of working and common challenges at the team and team of team layers. Review the Top Predictors of Performance report and learn about what drives performance. Assess your current state and identify key bottlenecks, develop a plan to accelerate flow leveraging proven patterns.

6- Modern Leadership and Engaged Culture
Overview of new leadership behaviors and mindsets needed to support Business Agility and new ways of working. Addressing cultural challenges such as fear of failure, command and control, lack of trust, lack of visibility and transparency, lack of performance, using old measures and incentives, analysis paralysis, decision by committee and other challenges. Explore modern ways for addressing these and creating the energy and drive for change across all levels.

This series is intended for senior leaders from business, technology, finance, HR, PMO and the transformation office  who are driving the change within their organization.

Enterprise Business Agility explainer video