``Roll up your sleeves`` and optimize your team structures with this facilitated workshop and coaching jump start. This engagement provides a refresher of team design for agility best practices, but is primarily focused on refining and optimizing your actual team structures.

The jump start is highly customizable, based on the scope and needs of the customer, but features a mix of facilitated workshops and dedicated coaching to accelerate and optimize your agility-focused team design efforts.

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Workshop Duration

2 Days + Ongoing Coaching (upon request)

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Refresher of agile team design principles and best practices
  • Clearly define team design objectives and success criteria
  • Assess current team designs and opportunities for increased agility
  • Apply best practices to interactively design your target team structures
  • Explore approaches to test and validate proposed team designs prior to scaling them
  • Create a custom change management & communications plan for your team design efforts
Optimize your team structures for increased:
- Collaboartion
- Innovation
- Predictability
- Productivity
- Engagement

Day 1:

  • Overview of agile team design challenges & guiding principles
  • Review of team structures & types, stability, and target gearing ratios, including shared service teams
  • Assess current state team designs
  • Prioritize preliminary areas of focus
  • Begin sketching out alternate team designs for in-scope teams

Day 2:

  • Demo preliminary team designs
  • Refine proposed team designs based on feedback and alignment opportunities
  • Assess and optimize proposed team designs from a systems design perspective
  • Create a targeted change management & communications plan
  • Agree to high-level timeline and on-going coaching strategy

Managers, Team Leads, HR, Organizational Development Specialists, Talent & Development, and Agility Leads (Senior Executives to participate in demo and feedback sessions)