In today's fast-paced business environment, the finance department is central to driving organizational success and must adapt rapidly to change. This program focuses on transforming the finance department to become more agile, responsive, and aligned with modern practices across both technology and business functions. Leveraging proven methodologies, our program includes outcome-driven planning, idea validation, efficient team structuring, and agility in execution.

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Series Duration

6 two hour sessions

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  1. Implement Outcome-Driven Planning: Align business goals with the daily operations of the finance department using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).
  2. Enhance Strategic Alignment: Define and align EPICs with desired outcomes to ensure a cohesive strategy.
  3. Incorporate Idea Validation Practices: Utilize discovery practices to validate ideas before execution to minimize risk and resource waste.
  4. Optimize Team Structures: Create teams and teams of teams with clear roles and decision-making processes for efficiency.
  5. Enable Agile Execution: Facilitate teams in achieving clarity on goals and implementing daily syncs and result reviews for continuous improvement.

Who should attend:

This series is intended for the full finance team to join. Some modules are designed for the senior leaders and some are designed to include the operational team. Transformation and change leaders, HR business partners should also attend.

Learning Modules

Module 1: Enabling Finance Business Agility

  • What is Agility and how does it apply to Finance?
  • Top operational and strategic challenges facing finance
  • Modern strategies for optimizing demand
  • Modern strategies for optimizing delivery

Module 2: Enabling Operational Agility

  • Use Case – Specific finance operational challenge
  • Introduction to Kanban & Scrum
  • Setting up your board
  • Analyzing bottlenecks and optimizing flow

Module 3: Outcome-Driven Planning Using OKRs

  • Introduction to OKRs
  • Aligning OKRs with Financial Goals
  • Crafting Effective OKRs
  • Monitoring and Evaluating OKRs

Module 4: Defining EPICs and Aligning Them to Outcomes

  • Understanding EPICs in Finance
  • Creating and Defining EPICs
  • Aligning EPICs to Business Outcomes
  • Case Studies in EPIC Alignment

Module 6: Learning Discovery Practices to Validate Ideas

  • Introduction to Discovery Practices
  • Techniques for Idea Validation
  • Implementing Discovery in Finance
  • Real-life Examples of Discovery Practices

Module 6: Forming Teams and Teams of Teams

  • Team Structure in Finance
  • Creating Effective Teams and Roles
  • Decision-Making Processes
  • Building Synergy Across Teams

Module 7: Enabling Teams to Execute with Agility

  • Agile Principles in Finance
  • Implementing Daily Syncs
  • Goal Setting and Review
  • Continuous Improvement in Execution


The program is designed to be interactive and engaging, using real-life examples, case studies, hands-on workshops, and mentorship from industry experts. It is suitable for all levels within the finance department and will provide tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately.


The transformation of the finance department into an agile, responsive, and aligned entity is vital for the success of modern enterprises. This comprehensive program offers a strategic roadmap and practical tools to achieve this transformation, making it an essential investment for forward-thinking organizations.

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