Gaining Executive Buy-In

 Celeste Richardson, Micron Technology

At the EBA Summit this past September, Celeste shared her journey & challenges in gaining executive & team buy-in while pursuing an agile transformation.

The video recording of Celeste’s presentation and slides can be found here.

Background & Challenges 

  • A large, global company
  • 34,000+ employees
  • Many partners
  • Footprint in 18 countries & 3 manufacturing sites
  • Core Values = People, Tenacity, Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Focus
  • The transformation started in IT
  • A lot of work in the funnel – push to “crank it out”
  • Teams were overworked, tired & not happy
  • Lack of understanding in DevOps connection

Actions Taken

  • Built trust by continually asking the question “What keeps you up at night?”
  • Celebrated innovation
  • Laid a foundational for experimental culture
  • Took time to hear the voice of the teams – utilizing the AgilityHealth® TeamHealth Radar
  • Continually re-tested the vision
  • Utilized focal points from within the Enterprise Business Agility Model

Next Steps

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