Gaining Executive Buy-In

 Celeste Richardson, Micron Technology

At the EBA Summit this past September, Celeste shared her journey & challenges in gaining executive & team buy-in while pursuing an agile transformation.

The video recording of Celeste’s presentation and slides can be found here.

Background & Challenges 

  • A large, global company
  • 34,000+ employees
  • Many partners
  • Footprint in 18 countries & 3 manufacturing sites
  • Core Values = People, Tenacity, Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Focus
  • The transformation started in IT
  • A lot of work in the funnel – push to “crank it out”
  • Teams were overworked, tired & not happy
  • Lack of understanding in DevOps connection

Actions Taken

  • Built trust by continually asking the question “What keeps you up at night?”
  • Celebrated innovation
  • Laid a foundational for experimental culture
  • Took time to hear the voice of the teams – utilizing the AgilityHealth® TeamHealth Radar
  • Continually re-tested the vision
  • Utilized focal points from within the Enterprise Business Agility Model

Next Steps

Want to Learn More?

  • As knowledge management professionals, it’s clear to you and me why we should invest in knowledge management initiatives. However, not everyone shares this understanding, especially at the executive level, so what can you do to gain buy-in from senior leaders along with the resources and support you need to be successful?

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