Help Your Clients Measure What Matters with AgilityHealth®

Looking for a way to grow your business and help your clients achieve measurable and sustainable transformations? The AgilityHealth Partner Program makes it easy for you to show your clients exactly where you can help them based on key metrics, as well as prove and measure your impact before and after their Agile transformation.

When you partner with us, you’ll benefit by:
  • Quantifying the positive impact of your coaching and training efforts
  • Differentiating your value proposition based on your ability to measure the progress of your clients’ transformation
  • Scaling your ability to help teams by leveraging the AgilityHealth Growth Portal and enabling teams to help themselves
  • Expanding your offerings to include automated assessments by individual, team, multi-team, program and portfolio
  • Maximizing the growth of your business

Ready to learn more? Sally Elatta  provides an overview of the AgilityHealth Partner Program in this video.

AgilityHealth helps your clients answer these common questions:
1. Who are my teams and how are they organized?
2. How are they doing (maturity and performance)?
3. Where can we help them to accelerate growth?
4. How is the cultural transformation progressing?
5. Are the teams aligned to the right business outcomes?
6. Are we growing our Agile talent?
We strive to make it as simple as possible to become a partner. With valuable resources and guidance, the AgilityHealth Partner Program is designed to help you solve your clients’ challenges and enable business agility.  For more details, visit
Check out our growing list of world-class partners – go to

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