This workshop is designed to enable managers and team leaders (Team Facilitator, Product Owner, Solution Lead) to guide their teams in maturing their teams.

Participants will learn practical skills for assessing the health of their teams, clarifying roles & expectations, resolving team conflicts and leading effectively through forming, storming, norming into performing

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Workshop Duration

2 days

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Measure & understand the health of your yeams
  • Address top challenges of leading self-organizing teams
  • Understand how to optimize the team structure and roles
  • Learn techniques for effective leadership
  • Build coaching skills on team dynamics & conflict resolution
  • Learn how to enhance your agile/lean delivery
Team Health Radar
TeamHealth Radar

Day 1:

  • Healthy vs. unhealthy teams
  • Team structure & roles
  • Team maturity stages
  • Measuring your team’s health (assessment)
  • High performance culture

Day 2:

  • Leadership triangle collaboration
  • Leading teams through forming
  • Leading teams through storming
  • Leading teams through norming
  • Leading teams through high performance
  • Team action plan

Team Leadership (ScrumMaster/ Team Facilitator, Product Manager/Owner, and Solution/ Tech Leads), Team Leaders & Managers.