This workshop is designed to enable managers, supervisors, directors to learn modern skills for designing and enabling high performing cross-functional teams.
Participants will learn practical skills for assessing the health of their teams, designing the right team structure, clarifying roles & expectations, resolving team conflicts and using modern Agile ways of working and leadership.

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Workshop Duration

1-2 days

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

Module 1 (4 – 6 hrs)

  • Modern ways of working vs traditional
  • Healthy vs unhealthy leadership
  • Intro to leadership agility
  • Address top challenges of high performing teams
  • Understand how to optimize the team structure and roles
  • Agile Ways of Working
  • Enabling autonomy and self-organizing teams

Module 2 (4 – 6 hrs)

  • Defining clear outcomes and measures for success
  • Measuring maturity, performance and OKRs
  • Providing support and removing obstacles
  • Developing talent
  • Coaching teams, addressing team dynamics & conflict resolution
  • Assessing your leadership agility
  • Building your growth plan
Leadership Agility Radar

Team Leaders, supervisors, managers, directors who want to learn modern skills for leading high performing cross-functional Agile teams.