When an assessment is taken by multiple team members, the presence of a few outliers could impact the overall Agility Index Score of the assessment, which can impact the team’s current state (Pre-Crawl, Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly). In some instances, customers have raised concerns about team assessment results showing the team is in a Run/Fly state while believing the team is actually in a Walk state. To combat this situation, we created a feature called High Variance Treatment. This feature can be enabled after Unified Calculations is rolled out to all customers on May 29, 2024.

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High Variance Treatment

The High Variance Treatment is applied to maturity competencies in the TeamHealth Radar where assessment responses exhibit high variance and a few outliers. This feature adjusts the Agility Index Score and dimension scores using statistical outlier treatments algorithmically as per industry standards.

The adjusted score will be automatically reflected across the platform, including APIs, growth journeys, radar results pages, dashboards, benchmarking, and reports. Check out the High Variance Treatment Guide to learn more!

High Variance Treatment Guide

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