Business Agility is the ability to respond to change, deliver at speed and thrive in a competitive market. This requires new ways of working that evolve agility beyond basic frameworks or methods and take it into becoming part of the DNA of the organization so that we can deliver Better Value Sooner, Safer by Happier teams.
As you evolve and scale your transformation across teams, teams of teams and portfolios, new challenges and opportunities emerge related to driving towards outcomes, not just output, engaging customers early and often to discover their needs, organizing your teams and roles in a way that optimizes flow of value.

Participants will receive the ICAgile Business Agility Foundations certification after the completion of this workshop. ICP-BAF

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Workshop Duration

4 half day sessions

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • What is Business Agility and Why
  • Explore these Business Agility pillars:
    • Customer seat at the table and modern methods for discovery
    • Outcomes based planning and delivery
    • Organizational structure & design – shifting to stable product teams
    • Agile framework (ceremonies, roles, mindset) applied for technology, business teams and at scale
  • Understand proven patterns that make Business Agility real
  • Explore key agility metrics for teams, programs and enterprise (Flow, Value, Quality, Happiness)
EBAS Radar

Change leaders who are leading Agile teams (Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers/leaders, Agile Coaches, Consultants) who want to understand the foundations of Business Agility and take their teams to the next level of maturity.

Part 1: Business Agility and Customer Discovery

  • Discuss the challenges and drivers for Business Agility
  • The Business Agility journey, find yourself and identify where to mature
  • Gain a core understanding of the pillars of Business Agility
  • Customer Seat at the Table
  • Proven patterns for discovery and design thinking

Part 2: Outcome Based Planning 

  • Overview of Lean Portfolio Mgmt.
  • Value based alignment (3 year, 1 year, quarterly)
  • Setting and aligning on outcomes
  • Sharing outcomes and measuring progress
  • Quarterly insights and learning

Part 3: Team Structure & Leadership Agility

  • Stable product teams vs project teams
  • Teams, teams of teams and portfolio teams
  • Patterns for optimizing FLOW of value streams
  • Role agility and developing talent within your teams
  • Leading Agile teams

Part 4: Agile Methods, Technical Agility & Metrics

  • Agile Mindset, behaviors, values and principles
  • Agile methods, when to use what
  • Technical Agility
  • Measuring your team maturity and performance (team agility)
  • Continuous improvement and measurement (flow, value, quality, happiness)