AgilityHealth® Org Baseline

Roll out AgilityHealth® within a Portfolio or Line of Business to get a baseline across all teams (Agile, waterfall, business) and launch a continuous improvement program.

50-300 Teams | 2-4 Weeks

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AgilityHealth® Enterprise Baseline

Roll out AgilityHealth® across all teams (Agile, waterfall, business) to get a baseline and accelerate the maturity and business agility of your organization.

300-1000+ Teams | 8-12+ Weeks

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Accelerate Talent Development

Roll out AgilityHealth® for individual Agile and Non-Agile roles. Accelerate the development of Agile skills by measuring individual role maturity across defined competencies.

20-500+ Individuals | 2-6 Weeks

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Outcomes Based Planning

Roll out AgilityHealth® to visualize and align your teams to business outcomes (OKRs). Learn how to build measurable business outcomes (one year and quarterly), align teams at all levels to them, and build a check-in cadence to review and achieve them.

1-Many Portfolios | 6-12 Weeks

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Where to Start? Always Start with a Strategy!

AgilityHealth® Measurement and Continuous Improvement Strategy Workshop

This one-day session will help you develop a measurement and continuous improvement strategy with a clear roadmap for what to measure at each level and design the right jumpstart to meet your needs. The session engages the right leaders, managers and stakeholders to build the plan and gain buy-in and support for execution.

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