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Leadership Agility Program

This jump start program provides a holistic & structured approach to developing Leadership Agility skills across executives, Sr. Leaders and managers leveraging the 4 areas needed to accelerate building new skills and capabilities.

Individuals: 50-500+
Weeks: 3-6 weeks
Team Coach
  • LEARN: Complete the learning series designed for leaders
  • MEASURE: Define and assess target competencies with a growth plan
  • GROW: Enable self-learning and growth for leaders
  • MENTOR: Build a strong mentorship program, strengthen communities of practice


This jump start aims to deliver the following outcomes:
  • Learn why organizations are transforming and the top 5 areas of change
  • Understand Enterprise Business Agility and the capabilities needed to enable the flow of value across your enterprise
  • Understand and articulate what modern leadership looks like
  • Complete a baseline assessment of Leadership Agility and build a targeted individual growth plan
  • Rollup data across a cohort of leaders to understand common strengths and gaps
  • Design a leadership learning roadmap with short modules offered every 2 weeks, monthly or quarterly
  • Build a mentorship and accountability partner program to ‘make it stick’
  • Re-assess Leadership Agility for the target cohort every 6 months and measure progress

Initial Education and Baseline Assessment


Leadership Agility Overview & Self-Assessment

Learn about Leadership Agility, top 5 areas for change and the role of leaders for accelerating transformation outcomes. Complete the Leadership Agility self-assessment.
1 day  or  4 hr session


360 Feedback

 Invite others to complete 360 assessment and give you constructive feedback.
2-3 weeks 


Growth Planning

Review results with individuals (coach + peer to peer) and build individual growth plans, select desired learning path
2 Hr Session


Leadership Readout

Rollup results and share insights and patterns. Review learning roadmap and recommendations based on targeted gaps identified. Consensus to kickoff learning journey
1hr – 90 min

Leadership Agility Journey


Learning Pathway

A learning journey with key leadership deep topics is designed, each leader selects the learning journey that fits their interests

2 hrs per module



An expert coach is available 1:1 or joins leadership sessions to coach the team on new ways of leading and thinking


Shared Outcome Partner

Instead of the traditional ‘accountability partner’, we have 2 or 3 leaders identify an outcome they can share and accomplish together utilizing new skills


Measure & Grow

The group returns every 6 months to ‘demo’ and showcase what they’ve done, re-assess, measure growth and plan a shared outcome for the next 6 months

Module 1 | Enabling Enterprise Business Agility:

  • Overview of Enterprise Business Agility
  • The 7 Pillars and capabilities needed to enable the flow of value across your enterprise
  • Learn the top 5 areas of change and what’s impacted
  • Understanding your current state and industry benchmark
  • Big Picture: How value flows across the enterprise

Module 2 | Leadership Agility – Modern Leadership & Engaged Culture

  • Exploring Healthy vs Unhealthy leadership
  • What is Leadership Agility and how to accelerate value delivery
  • Evolving the Leadership mindset and behaviors to support modern ways of working 
  • Providing strategic clarity and alignment, removing obstacles
  • Embedding a culture of experimentation, autonomy & relentless improvement

Module 3 | Outcomes Based Planning & Product Discovery

  • Demand Optimization vs Delivery Optimization
  • Outcomes based planning and alignment to value at all levels
  • Allocation of investment based on RGT or investment horizons
  • Enterprise Visibility Rooms – planning and review cadence at scale
  • Outcome check-in, tradeoff decisions, evaluating key results

Module 4 | Cross-Functional Team/Org Design for Agility

  • Teaming Structures and Leadership Triangle Model
  • Portfolio, product, delivery teams
  • Org design and value stream patterns
  • Shared service team design patterns
  • Steps to ‘Untangle the Spaghetti’
  • Roles impacted and change management

Module 5 | Agile Delivery & Tech Agility

  • Agile Delivery Basics
  • Team vs Team of Team planning
  • Where and when should leaders engage?
  • Top impediments of FLOW
  • Understanding Tech Agility and DevOps

Module 6 | Measurement & Data Driven Transformations

  • The 3 types of metrics that matter (Maturity, Performance, Outcomes)
  • Closer look at Maturity
  • Closer look at Performance (4Lenz Dashboard)
  • Measuring and Growing at every level
  • Role of Leaders in using data to remove obstacles

Optional. Module 7 | Lean/Agile Funding Models

  • Challenges with Project based funding
  • Shifting to modern stable team funding models
  • Flexible outcome oriented funding
  • Shorter funding cycles, collaborative decision making
  • Capitalization rules
  • Training, skill development and cultural shift

Sample Outputs and Screen Shots:

Agile Leader PDF Output

Individual Growth Plan

Leadership Agility Radar

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