This workshop is intended for people leaders and will examine the trends influencing the future of work, today’s evolving Leadership model, and the ways in which it can be leveraged to energize, engage, and enable team members for optimized performance. The workshop focuses on techniques and tools that are designed to help leaders maximize the impact they can have on their teams and organizations.

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Workshop Duration

1 day

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Explore healthy & unhealthy leadership
  • Understand the future of work
  • Learn today’s evolving leadership model
  • Build a transformation roadmap
  • Understand the roots of command & control
  • Patterns for shifting to empowerment
  • Clarity on the role of agile managers & leaders
  • Self-reflection, assessment & growth
Agile Leader Radar


  • Discuss high performing cultures
  • Understand the future of work
  • Understand today’s evolving leadership model
  • Understand roots of command & control


  • Explore shifting to empowerment
  • Explore the role of agile managers & leaders
  • Complete agile leader radar
  • Self-reflection and build growth plan

This Workshop is intended for people leaders to uncover and understand the evolving leadership skills required to enable increased Leadership Agility, including strategies and techniques to unlock the potential of high-performing teams and individuals.