This is a facilitated portfolio planning workshop for portfolio, product and technology leaders to come together to prioritize and plan out the demand and capacity for the next quarter.

The results of this workshop will be clear quarterly outcomes to provide focus and alignment to your teams, a prioritized backlog of deliverables for the quarter and a draft capacity plan outlining how the work will be accomplished. The room will be set up as a Portfolio Visibility Room (PVR) to enable full transparency and collaboration.

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Workshop Duration

2 days

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

Day 1:

  • Planning context
  • Review results from last quarter
  • Review portfolio yearly outcomes
  • Define quarterly outcomes and deliverables
Quarterly Strategic Planning

Day 2:

  • Prioritize deliverables utilizing value scoring
  • Align outcomes and deliverables to programs/trains
  • Optimize delivery & align demand to capacity
  • Portfolio plan readout

Who Should Attend

Portfolio, Product, Technology and other leaders who contribute to aligning and prioritizing outcomes and deliverables.