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AgilityHealth is a comprehensive Agile assessment and organizational growth tool developed for organizations that have adopted or scaled Agile and want visibility into the performance and health of their teams.
AgilityHealth is designed by real world Agile practitioners and offers several radars for assessing Teams, Programs, Product, Portfolio, and Individual Health.

  • One powerful radar that tells the whole story
  • Visualize team growth quarter by quarter
  • Analyze common patterns across teams
  • Optimize team performance through actionable growth plans

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Real World Features Designed By Agile Practitioners

TeamHealth detailed radar

Powerful Visibility into Performance


  • Detailed Radar Shows Response Variance
  • Actionable Growth Plans
  • Add Iteration & Release Metrics
Agile Multi-Team Analysis Radar

Multi-Team Analysis and Roll-up


  • Visualize Patterns Across Teams
  • Rollup Sub-teams Organizational Items
  • Data Privacy & User Management

Simplicity and Consistency


  • Easy to use Interface
  • Consistent Measurement
  • Immediate Actionable Results
  • New! SAFe and Role Based Assessments

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