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What does Modern Product Ownership look like?How do we ensure teams are truly delivering value? What are the roles and expectations of the Product Manager vs Product Owner in this journey for teams to deliver value effectively?
Many organizations have adopted Agile methods but are struggling to realize the 'value' delivery focus they need across their teams.
There is too much focus on the process and output and not enough focus on what it means to deliver actual value that has business outcome impact.
This seminar will go deeper into the role of product management in unlocking the value and outcomes delivered by teams.

Seminar Duration: 2hrs

In this seminar you will learn:

1. Big picture: How value flows from discovery to delivery
2. Starting with Discovery and Design Thinking
3. Properly defining EPICS and Scope
4. Prioritizing stories and prioritization methods
5. Effective quarterly cross-team planning
6. Refining and writing effective stories
7. Roles and responsibilities – Who does What?

Customer Seat at the Table Pillar Intro

This workshop is designed for product managers, product owners, product leaders from business and technology. Scrum Masters and RTEs could also attend.