Measurement without action is worthless effort. The biggest challenge in accelerating the maturity and performance of your organization is how well teams and leaders can focus on identifying obstacles, learning and growing continuously.
This Continuous Improvement Champion certification enables internal change agents with the skills needed to ensure teams, managers and leaders are actioning on the organizational growth plans so that tangible results are achieved.
AgilityHealth Facilitator Certification is a preferred pre-requisite (not required).

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Workshop Duration

7-10 hrs

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to shift from outputs to outcomes based planning
  • The OKR cycle (set, align, share, check-in, achieve)
  • Learn how to write effective OKRs
  • Learn how to define leading, impact, balancing key results and choosing the right metrics
  • Understand which groups define which outcomes at each level
    (Enterprise, Portfolio vs Product/Program leadership teams)
  • Understand how to define 3 year strategic intent outcomes (OKRs) and aligning initiatives
  • Defining annual outcomes (OKRs) and aligning EPICs
  • Understanding the difference between KPIs vs Outcomes/OKRs
  • Make outcomes transparent through visualization (Outcomes Dashboard)
  • Learn the cadence for checking in on outcomes
  • How to measure progress, document learnings and continuously optimize OKR achievement

Enterprise, portfolio and product leaders from both business, operations, technology backgrounds who are in charge of defining, aligning and ensuring successful outcomes are achieved. Change agents and OKR consultants are also welcome to join to support their organization and clients through this journey.