As innovation continues to redefine ``What Great Looks Like``, companies are working to deepen their understanding of customers and prospects and accelerate their delivery of highly targeted, high value solutions.

The Opportunity Assessment workshop helps organizations explore ways to develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of current and potential customers, assess the market potential of proposed solutions, and develop a clear differentiation strategy for their Product Development efforts.

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Workshop Duration

1 Day

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Leverage the wealth of data available today to define more targeted and predictive segmentation strategies
  • “View the World Through Your Customer’s Eyes” with Customer Personas, Empathy Maps, and Journey Maps
  • Assess the “New, New”: explore emerging innovation and opportunities it presents to add additional value for your customers
  • Dimension the market opportunity of potential new solutions
  • Clearly define your target Strategic Position for high potential new products & services, as key inputs into your Discovery and Rapid Prototyping efforts
Lean Product Health
- Development of an Experimentation & Validation Mindset
- Improved Product Leadership
- Targeted Metrics for Success
- Clear Understanding of Team Maturity
- Improved Innovation Culture

Day 1:

  • Overview of quantitative Market Segmentation goals and methods
  • An applied introduction to Customer Personas, Empathy Maps, and Journey Maps
  • A review of innovation assessment and analysis methods
  • Approaches to quantify the market potential of high potential new products and services
  • An applied framework to analyze and define your target Strategic Positioning

Product Owners, Product Managers, Innovation Leads, Strategic Planning team members, Quantitative Market Research team members, Consumer Insights team members, Tech Leads, Scrum Masters, and Finance leads