Measurement Jump Start

AgilityHealth® Outcomes Based Planning

Learn and adopt outcomes / OKR based planning across your Portfolio, Products and Teams to ensure alignment to strategy. Learn how to build measurable business outcomes at the 3 year, 1 year and quarterly levels. Leverage the AgilityHealth Outcomes Dashboard to align teams and make them visible. Embed outcomes check-in and reviews into existing cadences.

Portfolio: 1+
Weeks: 12
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This jump start aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Build yearly and quarterly outcomes using Objectives & Key Results (OKRs).
  • Learn how to link outcomes to your initiatives and deliverables (output).
  • Learn how conduct outcome focused quarterly portfolio planning sessions
  • Roll out AgilityHealth’s Outcome Alignment Dashboard across the organization.
  • Embed outcome check-in and reviews within existing ceremonies at all levels.

Creating, Aligning and Planning with Outcomes


Outcomes Jump Start Strategy

This strategy session defines the program goals and scope, assess current state of maturity, identify stakeholders and build the program roadmap and timeline.


Creating Effective Outcomes

This step includes workshops for leaders to learn and build their 3 year, 1 year and quarterly outcomes. These are hands-on learning and doing sessions with real output.


Setup and Configuration

This step is to setup and configure the AgilityHealth Outcomes/OKR dashboard. This includes setting up the team and org structure, users and provide basic training for the key roles.


Quarterly Planning with Outcomes

This workshop simulates a quarterly planning session where day 1 is focused on vision and outcome alignment and day 2 is focused on aligning the work and capacity planning.

Tracking, Updating and Improving Outcomes


Prioritization & Capacity Mgmt.

This workshop digs deep into prioritization methods for managing work, capacity planning for teams, allocation/ stability and enabling focus by limiting WIP and visualizing work.


Outcome Check-in and Tracking

This coaching guides teams and leaders on how to embed outcome check-ins into current ceremonies (ex: demos and reviews) and avoid the common outcome pitfalls.


Insights and Learning

Towards the end of the quarter, this activity involves reviewing progress towards outcomes across the teams, creating insights and recommendations for improvement.


Quarterly Outcome Review /Demo

This end of quarter outcomes demo is schedule before the planning meeting and aims to demonstrate progress towards outcomes, share learnings and impediments.

Outcomes Jump Start Strategy

The jump start strategy sessions sets up the rollout successfully by defining the program goals, measures for success and scope. We will identify the key stakeholders, workshops to be delivered and create a detailed implementation plan.

Lean Portfolio Mgmt for Leaders

This workshop is designed to help senior leaders understand the main concepts of Lean Portfolio Management and determine an implementation plan for how they can start rolling out key portfolio practices.

Building Measurable Outcomes with OKRs

This workshop aims to guide senior executives and portfolio leaders through hands on experience how to create 3-Year and 1-Year Outcomes for their Portfolios using the Objectives & Key Results method and leveraging the AgilityHealth Outcomes dashboard.

Building Measurable QUARTERLY Outcomes with OKRs

This workshop brings portfolio, product and technology leaders together to create quarterly OKRs that align to the yearly outcomes to drive the right focus for teams for the next quarter and measure the right leading indicators for success.

Lean Portfolio Quarterly Strategy Planning

This quarterly planning workshop is for portfolio, product and technology leaders to come together to prioritize and plan out the Demand and Capacity for the next quarter. Day 1 focuses on outcome alignment, Day 2 is focused on output/work definition and capacity planning.

Lean Portfolio Team Visioning

This is a facilitated team visioning workshop where portfolio and product leaders will determine the right structure, skills and people to form a Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) team to lead the ongoing activities for their portfolio.

Sample Outputs and Screen Shots:

Outcomes / OKR Dashboard

Insights Dashboard | Team Agility

TeamHealth PDF Output

Outcome/OKR Card

Multi-Team Rollup Radar

Growth Timeline

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