Custom Radar Partners

Your custom radar. Our platform. It’s a perfect match.

Got a great idea for a custom radar?

You can leverage our AgilityHealth platform to build a custom radar to use with your clients. You bring the dimensions and the questions. We’ll provide the tools to help you build it! Custom radars are perfect for thought leaders who have their own assessment and want to leverage our platform for scaling it across larger enterprises.

Custom radars can help you prove the worth of your services to your clients – you will be able to measure and show them how you’ve made a difference. You can also help your clients understand where they line up in their industry with benchmarking, and help your clients create an organizational growth plan by strategically analyzing their retrospective results.

How It Works

The capabilities we’ve built that Custom Radar Partners can leverage are:

1- Build a custom radar assessment that can be delivered as a facilitated retrospective, at the team, program, portfolio or enterprise level.

2- Radar results are displayed in real-time, are immediately analyzed and a growth plan can be created by teams on the same page (Grid view or Kanban format).

3- Results across several teams can be rolled up and analyzed. Teams can mark growth items as ‘Organizational’ which are added to the growth leadership team backlog for work. Teams can also mark an item as ‘Enterprise’ level, which adds it to the Sr Leaders/Executive group for work.

4- You can see a timeline of how each team is growing at each assessment and by what percentage.

5- You can benchmark a team against others within the organization or across all of AgilityHealth.

6- You can build a Growth Portal (link has sample) with specific resources to help teams grow.

7- You can combine the qualitative metrics with quantitative metrics and business outcomes.

8- We’re redesigning our Enterprise Dashboard so it gives a high-level view of the health and ROI of the transformation.

Building a custom radar allows you to measure important items with your clients that matter. The intellectual property within the radar and the questions behind it belong to you. AgilityHealth provides you a robust platform to run retrospectives with your radar, allowing you to provide your clients valuable insights.

Getting Started

There is a lot more to AgilityHealth and our Custom Radar partnership so if we share a common vision and passion for helping teams and organizations accelerate their growth, let’s see if there is a way we can help each other.  Click here to get the details!