“We’ve already done the hard work, so you don’t have to.”

Welcome to our partner program, here’s how to get started:  

1- Get Certified: You can view the public schedule or request a private course if you have 6+ attendees (partner rate is $800/p).

2- Purchase Assessments:  packages to use with your customers:
5 Pack | 10 Pack | 20 Pack 50 Pack | 100 Pack

3- Partner Onboarding: Schedule your partner onboarding kickoff session by contacting partners@agilityhealthradar.com

Do you have a referral you would like to submit?

Complete Referral Agreement: Please download this Partner Referral Agreement, sign and email back to partners@agilityhealthradar.com

Schedule Demo: To schedule an AgilityHealth Demo for your customer email partners@agilityhealthradar.com

Submit Referral: To submit a referral, complete this form:
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Do you need a customer account setup in AgilityHealth?

If you’re looking for assistance in setting up a customer, please click Request Account Setup and fill out the form on the following page.

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