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What are the Top Predictors of Team Performance?

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AgileVideos is the largest on-demand video library designed to accelerate and scale Digital and Agile learning. The library is rich with very short, actionable and engaging videos that follow our watch-it | learn-it | do-it philosophy. The courses target team members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers and senior leaders and delivered by experts and thought leaders in this space.

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AgilityHealth is the world’s leading Measure & Grow platform for organizations looking to accelerate Digital & Agile maturity and talent development. The platform offers a wide range of radars and brings together the three metrics that matter: Maturity, Performance and Outcomes/OKRs.

The EBA enablement program is designed for organizations looking to build internal change agents with deeper skills around the 7 pillars of EBA. The program includes training the trainers and courseware licensing in addition to role based talent development. Content is licensed once (perpetual) and can be fully customized. 30 courses with topics ranging from basics of Agile to scaling, product management, lean portfolio and outcome based planning, leadership agility, Agile for business teams and more.


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  • EBA Transformation Overview