Building a custom radar allows you to measure important items with your clients that matter. The intellectual property within the radar and the questions behind it belong to you. AgilityHealth provides you a robust platform to run retrospectives with your radar, allowing you to provide your clients valuable insights.

Your Initial Purchase of $5,000 Includes:
  • Partner retains the Intellectual Property built into the custom radar
  • 2 Company Administrator logins
  • A discount of $395 for each Company Administrator to take our AgilityHealth Facilitator course in order to learn the AgilityHealth Platform (Price with discount is $800 each)
  • Partner’s high-resolution logo will be included on the radar PDFs within AgilityHealth
  • AgilityHealth will create your radar inside our platform, once you have provided all of the necessary IP
  • AgilityHealth will assist in customizing the back of your radar (samples available upon request)
  • If requested, AgilityHealth will provide the Partner a landing page on the AgilityHealth website that will contain details of their custom radar and a submission form that will direct inquiries to the Partner for follow up (samples available upon request)
  • Once the radar and the questions are finalized, AgilityHealth will finalize and produce web-ready images as well as a printable, scalable image for the Partner to use in their marketing campaigns
  • One assessment package of 5 assessments (valued at $2,500 for team assessments, $750 for individual assessments) (additional packages available at our standard rates)
  • Annual hosting renewal fee $2,000 per year per custom radar
Important Items to Note:
  • Agreement is signed, payment is received and your chosen facilitators have completed the AgilityHealth Facilitator course before the kick-off call is scheduled and work on the custom radar begins
  • AgilityHealth will provide best practice information to help the Partner create their radar IP
  • AgilityHealth will input all information pertaining to the radar into AgilityHealth including dimensions, sub-dimensions, competencies and survey questions
  • Regular calls will be held to discuss progress, marketing items and launch strategies
  • Partner is responsible for all marketing efforts promoting the custom radar, unless the radar is included in the library of AgilityHealth radars.
  • The custom radar will not be included in the AgilityHealth library of radars by default. Discussions can be held to discuss possible inclusion.
  • A period of trial (pilot) is recommended to gather feedback on the questions behind your radar, dimensions and competency. This will also allow you to gain traction in the market before finalizing your radar.  Once your radar is finalized, AgilityHealth can provide a link allowing your radar to be purchased publicly for use in your marketing efforts and can also add this to your landing page, if you wish.
  • During the first year, Partner will purchase a minimum of 5 assessments for their radar for use with their clients, in addition to the 5 included with their original payment
  • After the first year, Partner will purchase a minimum of 10 assessments for their radar per year for use with their clients
  • If the custom radar is available to be purchased outside of the assessments you purchase to use with your clients, profit sharing will be broken down into a 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 model. As the owners of the IP, you would receive 1/3 of the profit. As the platform provider, AgilityHealth would receive 1/3 of the profit. The remaining 1/3 will go to the driver of the sale – if your marketing/sales efforts brought in the client, you would receive the remaining 1/3. If AgilityHealth offers your radar as a part of our marketing/sales efforts and those brought in the client, AgilityHealth would receive the remaining 1/3.
  • Quarterly calls will be established between the Partner and AgilityHealth once the radar is finalized and available for use.
Ready to Begin?

Once our agreement is signed, payment is received and your chosen facilitators are certified, we’ll schedule a kick-off call with you. This call will cover how to create your radar and we’ll provide you some tools to help you along the way. Send an email to to let your Partner Success Manager know you’re ready to get started!