Product Overview

AgilityHealth® is a single source of truth for your enterprise teams and the three metrics that matter: team health maturity, performance and alignment to business outcomes.

Designed by real world Agile experts, AgilityHealth® offers several radars for assessing Teams, Programs and Product Lines, Portfolio, Individual Health.

The popular TeamHealth Retrospective is delivered as a facilitated Retrospective session by a certified AgilityHealth® Professional.


AgilityHealth Capabilities

AgilityHealth offers six key capabilities that enable business agility transformations

Popular Features


Visualize Team Health

Use the powerful Team Health radar to visualize responses & analyze consensus & divergence among the team.


Qualitative & Quantitative Metrics

Understand your team’s & organization’s health by seeing both qualitative & quantitative metrics. AgilityHealth integrates with several major Agile tools.


Actionable Growth Plans

Growth plans help individuals, teams, program, portfolios and enterprise leaders focus on the most important areas they want to improve in the next few months.


Enterprise Health Dashboards

Get a big picture enterprise view of the health of your teams from both a quantitative & qualitative perspective. See where you can help!


Analyze Multi-team Patterns

Analyze multiple teams & identify common patterns across teams, programs and product lines or other groups.



Analyze your teams against other internal teams or against the world to see how you measure up against our AgilityHealth Index.