Org/Team Design Jump Start

Org Structure & Team Design for Agility

Do you have too many demand funnels driving too much work across many unstructured teams? Are you trying to shift from ‘project’ focused teams to stable ‘product and outcome’ aligned teams?

This jump start takes your leaders through a step by step process of ‘Untangling the Spaghetti’ and aligning teams to a defined set of demand portfolios or value streams.

Portfolios: 1+
Months: 3-6
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  • Clarity on the value streams or portfolios we’re optimizing for and clarity on their demand (3 year outcomes, annual outcomes, initiatives and EPICs)
  • Education for leaders from business, product and technology on team and org design patterns that enable agility and flow of outcomes. Deep dive into roles at every level and the leadership triangle
  • Current State: Mapping of current teams to the desired outcomes and initiatives
  • Gap Analysis: Identifying aligned, somewhat aligned and misaligned teams and defining actions and patterns to use to address alignment
  • Future State: Designing the logical and physical (with names) teaming model
  • Implementation: Communication, change management, risk mitigation and transition of teams to the new model
  • Team of Team Planning Kickoff: Team design is not complete until the groups have kicked off planning in their new structure at the team of teams  or product structure

Strategy, Education and Current State Definition


Org/Team Design Strategy

This strategy session defines the program goals and scope, assess current state of maturity, identify stakeholders and build the program roadmap and timeline.


Education: Org & Team Design for Agility

This step includes workshops for leaders at all levels to learn why companies are shifting from project to persistent product teams, common team structures, roles and patterns to address shared service teams.


Current State Workshop

This workshop is very interactive and involves understanding of your current teams. A team profile card is created with details such as skills, roles, allocation (run, grow, transform), current work and gaps.


Clarity on Demand

This workshop is focused on building out the demand funnels. This includes defining OKRs, initiatives and breaking them into Epics. Each Epic identifies which groups (business or technology) are needed.

Future State Design and Implementation


Future State
Logical Design

This series of 1-3 workshops aim to design the future state of product and outcome aligned cross-functional teams that are fully integrated (business, product, tech).


Future State Physical Design

This effort aims to put names and allocation across all teams and a transition plan for roles/individuals impacted. AgilityHealth Structural Agility teams dashboard is updated with new design.


Communication & Change Management

Effective org change must have a strong change management plan following ADKAR or your own change model. Communication strategy is developed and executed.


Team of Teams Planning Kickoff

Team of Team planning involves bringing the target teams together to plan out their next 3 months of deliverables and understand the desired outcomes. Prep for this workshop takes 2-3 weeks.

Org/Team Design Strategy

This strategy session defines the program goals and scope, assess current state of maturity, identify stakeholders and build the program roadmap and timeline.

Org/Team Design for Agility

This workshop is designed to enable leaders to learn and apply modern team and organizational design best practices to increase speed of outcome delivery, minimize dependencies and increase predictability and productivity across your teams.

Sample Org Design

The “Spaghetti of Despair”

Single Team Structure

Product Manager vs Product Owner role

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