Accelerate your Enterprise Business Agility Journey by Measuring What Matters

AgilityHealth®, the world’s leading measurement and continuous improvement platform, answers the top six critical questions for accelerating the maturity of your organization.

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World-Class Radars

AgilityHealth® offers the most comprehensive radars for assessing
every level of your organization.

Portfolio / Enterprise

Program / Team of Teams


Individual Role / Talent

Top Measurement Challenges

Clarity & Alignment

What problem or area are we transforming?  What’s the maturity roadmap?  How can we have a common definition?


What do you measure and at what level?  How do you know you’re improving? What metrics really matter and lead to insights and action?

Intentional Growth

Measurement with no action is worthless data.  How do you allow time for teams to inspect, adapt and grow?  How can leaders remove obstacles for teams?

The Three Metrics That Matter

The AgilityHealth® platform provides metrics at the team and organizational level by combining maturity (qualitative), performance (quantitative) and outcomes (results) across the enterprise – so you can improve value, quality and flow.

The Enterprise Platform for...

Visualize Your Team Structure

  • Create and visualize teams, programs, portfolios and lines of business.
  • Define the dimensions and competencies needed to enable broad-based Enterprise Business Agility.
  • Holistically approach Enterprise Business Agility across your company.

Measure Maturity & Performance

  • Leverage both quantitative and qualitative data about your teams.
  • Measure enterprise and team-level performance across core Enterprise Business Agility dimensions and competencies.
  • Benchmark your teams against internal or external teams to see how they measure up against our AgilityHealth Index®.

Manage Growth at Every Level

  • Systematically remove obstacles at the team, management and senior leadership levels.
  • Create, visualize and track targeted growth plans to close the gap between where you are today and where you need to be tomorrow.

Leverage Actionable Insights

  • Visual dashboards enable actionable insights such as What, Why and Now What.
  • Understand the cross-team dependencies and organizational blockers that can limit the effectiveness of strategic enterprise transformation.
  • Follow the growth of your organization’s agile maturity.
Video: Business Outcomes/OKR Dashboard Demo

Align Teams to Business Outcomes

  • Visually align your teams to measurable outcomes and your organization’s top Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).
  • Give both top-down and bottom-up transparency into progress against defined Objectives and Key Results.

Develop Agile Talent Now and In the Future

  • Grow internal roles through role-based radars.
  • Leverage the growth portal and the career mosaic – a range of targeted and interactive resources that will develop your organization’s Agility.
Video: Agile Talent Development

Enterprise Ready Security and Data Privacy

AgilityHealth® was designed to meet the rigorous performance, scalability, security
and compliance regulations of the largest enterprises.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure Platform, Soc1 Compliant FedRAMP Authorized

Certified SOC2, Type 2 Compliant

Aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Requirements

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