Measure & Grow with AgilityHealth®

Accelerate Your Maturity and Agility by Measuring What Matters

AgilityHealth® is the world’s leading measurement and growth platform that enables business agility by accelerating the maturity and productivity of your teams and enterprise.

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World-Class Radars

AgilityHealth® offers the most comprehensive radars for assessing
every level of your organization.

Portfolio / Enterprise

Program / Team of Teams


Role / Talent Development

The Three Metrics
That Matter

The AgilityHealth® platform provides metrics at the team and organizational level by combining maturity (qualitative), performance (quantitative) and outcomes / OKRs (results) across the enterprise – so you can improve value, quality and flow.

Top Measurement Challenges

Clarity & Alignment

What problem or area are we transforming?  What’s the maturity roadmap?  How can we have a common definition?


What do you measure and at what level?  How do you know you’re improving? What metrics really matter and lead to insights and action?

Intentional Growth

Measurement with no action is worthless data.  How do you allow time for teams to inspect, adapt and grow?  How can leaders remove obstacles for teams?

The 6 Capabilities of AgilityHealth

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Visualize Your Team Structure

  • Leverage AgilityHealth as the source of truth of all of your teams
  • Create and visualize teams, programs, portfolios and lines of business
  • View teams in swimlanes or in a tree view structure
  • Set thresholds for talent allocation (number of teams a role can be dedicated to)
  • Set thresholds for overall stability desired and measure against this

Measure Maturity & Performance

  • Access to all radars (teams, organization, role based talent dev, SAFe)
  • Assess team maturity & performance (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Rollup data across product lines and portfolios
  • Build improvement action items for teams and leaders
  • Measure growth and trending over time
  • Benchmark with internal teams or the global AgilityHealth Index®
  • Leverage our APIs and connectors to integrate with other systems
Video: Leveraging the Growth Portal

The Growth Portal

  • Scale learning and sustain maturity through enabling self-learning
  • Provide targeted recommendations for each competency
  • Provide targeted videos, resources for each competency
  • Enable teams to request help from qualified mentors and coaches
  • Offer consistent guidance across teams
  • Customize and tailor growth portal content
  • Leverage predictive data to know where to invest to improve performance (new!)
  • View Growth Portal Sample

Leverage Actionable Insights

  • Designed with senior leaders in mind to answer: What, So What and Now What
  • Visualize your overall Organizational Agility, improvement over time and comparison to benchmark
  • Visualize the Maturity and Performance of all teams at each level including maturity and performance data
  • View the team, organization and enterprise growth action items needed to move the needle so you can take action
  • Leverage our predictive data to understand where to invest to move the needle on performance
Video: Business Outcomes/OKR Dashboard Demo

Align Teams to Business Outcomes

  • Align strategy to execution using outcomes/OKRs
  • Build 3 year, 1 year, quarterly outcomes
  • Track both business impact and  leading indicators
  • Enable teams to understand the value of their work
  • Built-in learning on how to write quality outcomes
  • Link outcomes to outputs (ALM, Salesforce, PPM ..)
  • Track and update key result progress
  • Empower leaders and teams to experiment and learn
  • Drive decisions that lead to better outcomes

Talent Development

  • Assess skill and talent gaps across your organization
  • Access to all role-based radars
  • Ability to create custom radars*
  • Ability to run individual and 360 assessments
  • Build individual growth plans
  • Rollup data across each role
  • Build manager level improvement plans
  • Build or customize the Growth Portal with self-learning resources
Video:  Talent Development Overview

Enterprise Ready Security and Data Privacy

AgilityHealth® was designed to meet the rigorous performance, scalability, security
and compliance regulations of the largest enterprises.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure Platform, Soc1 Compliant FedRAMP Authorized

Certified SOC2, Type 2 Compliant

Aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Requirements

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