Pulse Checks allow you to select questions from an assessment and send them to team members on multiple teams on a schedule of your choice. Shorter than a full assessment, Pulse Checks allow you to see changes in the team’s health in select areas quickly.

Pulse Check

Pulse Checks are not new to the AgilityHealth platform but we have relaunched this feature with many enhancements recommended by customers like you!

So…What’s New?

Pulse Checks are now integrated into teams and assessments, instead of being a stand-alone item in our top navigation. This means you can now create a Pulse Check from the team’s assessment dashboard, just as you would a team assessment.

Additional enhancements include:

  • An “Add a Pulse Check” button is now available for multi- and enterprise teams. Simply click on the multi- or enterprise team from the Teams Dashboard to visit their assessment dashboard to get started.
  • Pulse Check results are available in their own swim lane on team, multi-team, and enterprise team assessment dashboards and are viewed in a growth journey similar to team assessment results.
  • Team member roles can be limited in order to target questions to specific roles.
  • Pulse Check email tracking is available so you can see who completed a Pulse Check and resend emails if necessary to specific team members.
  • And much more!

Contact Us

Interested in learning more or turning on the Pulse Check feature?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at support@agilityhealthradar.com

Pulse Check Guide