AgilityHealth Radars

We’re constantly developing innovative radars to help you measure and optimize the health of your organization. Below are some highlights.


TeamHealth Radar

Our most popular & powerful benchmark for measuring the health of Agile teams.

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Program/Team of Teams

DevOps Health Radar

Measure the critically elements for maturing DevOps practices across your teams.

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SAFe® ART Health

Assess the health of your agile release train and PI planning and execution maturity.

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Lean Product Health Radar

Inspired by Marty Cagan and Jeff Patton’s Developing Strong Product Teams approach, assess your teams product discovery practices.

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SAFe® DevOps Health

Designed by our scaled agile partners, measure the critical elements for maturing DevOps.

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SAFe® Portfolio Health

Designed by our partner scaled agile, assess the maturity of lean portfolio management LPM practice within your organization.

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Enterprise Business Agility Health

For companies adopting our enterprise business agility model this radar assess your maturity on the seven pillars.

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Individual Role/Talent Radars

Agile Coach Health Radar

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Agile Leadership Health Radar

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Product Owner Health Radar

ScrumMaster Health Radar

SAFe® Release Train Engineer Health Radar