AgilityHealth Radars

We’re constantly developing innovative radars to help you measure and
optimize the health of your organization.
Below are some highlights.



TeamHealth Radar

Our most popular & powerful benchmark for measuring the health of Agile teams across 5 dimensions: Clarity, Performance, Leadership, Culture and Foundation.

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DevOps Health Radar

We’re helping Agile teams deliver the right product faster! This radar helps Agile teams assess their current state, have a healthy dialog about where they would like to grow and end with a concrete plan of action for the next quarter. Dimensions are: Building the Right Product, Faster Value Delivery, Higher Quality, and Culture of Improvement.

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Lean Product Health Radar

Inspired by Marty Cagan and Jeff Patton’s Developing Strong Product Teams approach, we built this radar to help product teams (discovery and delivery members) assess these 4 dimensions: Product Maturity, Delivery Health, Technical Health, Culture.

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SAFe Radars

SAFe Release Train Health
We’ve partnered with SAFe to provide companies adopting the Scaled Agile Framework an ability to assess the health of their release trains.

SAFe Portfolio Health
This specific SAFe radar assesses the health of the portfolio team implementing the SAFe portfolio guidance.

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Enterprise Business Agility Health Radar

Measure the health of your Agile transformation! This radar will help the transformation leadership team assess their current state, develop a quarterly roadmap & plan for the next quarter.

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Agile Program Health Radar

The goal of our Agile Program Health Radar is to measure the effectiveness of planning & execution across multiple teams. Dimensions included are: Planning, Leadership, Culture, Delivery Health, & Technical Health.

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Lean Portfolio Health Radar

Designed to give a holistic organizational view of your Portfolio Health. Dimensions included are: Product Maturity, Culture, Delivery Health, Technical Health & Portfolio Maturity.

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Agile Coach Health Radar

We’re paving the way in changing how Agile teams do performance management. We’ve built a wide collection of Individual Role Health radars coupled with a powerful 360 assessment and growth framework. Yes, you can customize all the radars!

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Business Agility Health

We almost called this the Transformation Health radar but decided that Business Agility was a better name since that’s the end goal of a transformation. Use this radar to assess the overall health of a transformation (or as a baseline) so you can develop the roadmap ahead.
Participants: The Transformation leadership team including executives. Dimensions include: Process, Culture, Org Structure, Technology.

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Technical Health Radar

This Technical Health radar is provided to help a technology transformation team assess the current state of the technical maturity of program/product line or organization. The radar helps guide the retrospective conversation and the desired action plan. It can also be used later to have Agile teams assess their technical health and see if improvements have happened. Dimensions are:  Continuous Delivery, Architecture, Technical Excellence, Metrics.

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Agile Leadership Health

We are paving the way to changing how leaders give & receive feedback. Agile Leadership Health covers a wider range of competencies for leading teams and impacting the organization as a leader. Yes, you can customize the radar! Dimensions include: Vision & Strategy, Leading Execution, Leadership Behaviors, and Value Delivered.

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Servant Leadership Health

The Servant Leadership Health Radar digs deeper into the character and behaviors of a leader. This 360 assessment gives your leaders visibility into how they perceive themselves as leaders, how they are perceived by others as leaders, and the difference between the two. Yes, you can customize the radar!

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