AgilityHealth Radars

Visualize maturity and performance insights from your assessments in our stunning Radars. Our assessments help you quickly measure current state, build actionable plans, and enable self-learning and growth at all levels of your organization.


TeamHealth® Radar

Our most popular & powerful benchmark for measuring the health of Agile teams.

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Program/Team of Teams


DevOps Health Radar

Measure the critical elements for maturing DevOps practices across your teams.

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Lean Product Health Radar

Measure the maturity of your product leadership team, discovery practices, delivery excellence and culture across the team.

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Program Health

Provides organizations a way to assess the effectiveness of planning events & delivery execution, as well as the leadership, of their programs.

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Enterprise Business Agility Health Radar

For companies adopting our enterprise business agility model, this radar assesses your maturity on the seven pillars.

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Digital Transformation

Assess the 6 keys areas for leading your organization through a successful digital transformation.

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Customer Experience
Health Radar

Optimize your customer experience from strategy to design all the way through to metrics with this radar.

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Business Agility


Agile Talent & HR Health Radar

Measure the maturity of your HR strategy and tactics to both Agile and the new ways of working.

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Individual Role/Talent Radars

Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Health Radar

Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Radar

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Agile Team Coach Radar

Agile Team Coach Radar

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Leadership Agility Radar

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Product Owner Radar

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Scrum Master Radar

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Release Train Engineer Radar

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Scaled Agile Framework®


SAFe® Team and Technical Agility Health Radar

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SAFe® Business Agility Health Radar

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SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management Health Radar

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SAFe® Agile Product Delivery Health Radar

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SAFe® DevOps Health Radar

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SAFe® Organizational Agility Health Radar

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How Our Radars Work

Use our radars to kickstart a continuous improvement program at all levels in your enterprise with actionable data. Radar assessments and retrospectives provide a structured approach to developing your teams needed to accelerate and scale areas of your transformation.
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    Get Certified as an AgilityHealth Facilitator

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    Facilitate a Team Strategic Retrospective

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    Turn Insights
    into Action

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    Measure Growth
    Over Time

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