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The AgilityHealth <> Rally integration allows customers to:

  1. Sync projects in Rally with our import wizard to create and maintain teams, team members, and stakeholders in AgilityHealth, following the hierarchy of your projects in Rally or manually link your teams to Rally projects.
  2. Bring in performance metrics from Rally for use on the 4 Lenz Dashboard.

In future releases, growth items will be able to be synced so teams can manage them in Rally along with their planned work. Additionally, some assessment questions will be auto-populated with answers as they relate to Rally data.

Rally Integration

The synch from Rally to Agility Health is a one-way synch. When new teams are created in AgilityHealth from Rally projects using our import wizard, the sync creates teams using the hierarchy of projects from the bottom up, meaning that the teams at the bottom of the Rally project hierarchy will always be created as individual teams in AgilityHealth. Additionally:

  1. ART projects in Rally are created as multi-teams in AgilityHealth.
  2. Solution projects in Rally are created as enterprise teams in AgilityHealth.
  3. Division projects in Rally are created as n-tier teams in AgilityHealth.
  4. Team members and stakeholders will be added and removed from teams in AgilityHealth when you make updates in Rally.

You can alternatively turn off the import wizard and manually link your Rally projects to your teams in AgilityHealth, giving you full control over the mapping.

Performance metrics in your Rally projects are brought in via the sync to populate the 4 Lenz Dashboard. You’ll be able to see metrics such as Predictability, Feature Throughput, Defect Ratio, Story Cycle Time, and more across teams in your organization.

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