Organizations around the world are adopting Agile practices to deliver faster, more predictably, and with high levels of sustained quality. Bringing Agility to life, however, can be challenging for Infrastructure, Security, and Operations groups, as they are asked to balance a wide range of mission critical planned and unplanned work on any given day. Enabling Agility across these groups is critical as organizations work to streamline and align end-to-end practices and accelerate delivery. This course will provide an overview of applied Agile best practices for Infra, Security, and Operations groups and is focused on enabling them to: Visualize their work, dynamically (re)prioritize requests, deliver more predictably and with increased quality, and accelerate value delivery to the internal and external customers they support.

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Workshop Duration

2 days

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Explore the benefits, lessons learned, and key “Watch Outs” of leveraging Agile practices across Infra, Security, and Operations groups
  • Understand foundational Agile principles and how they’re brought to life for “interrupt-driven”  teams
  • Map the appropriate Agile practices to best fit the team based on their structure, work and organizational outcomes
  • Learn approaches to building consolidated backlogs, visualizing and prioritizing your work, and improving delivery predictability
  • Explore the value of investing in continuous improvement via team retrospectives and inspect and adapt practices
  • Discuss applied solutions for team tooling, enablers, and key performance metrics
  • Understand key Agile team, program, and portfolio structures, roles and responsibilities, and practices

Day 1:

    • What is Agile and why
    • Traditional vs modern ways of working
    • Overview of Agile Methods (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban)
    • Agile roles and expectations
    • Optimizing end-to-end value delivery
    • Overview of DevOps
    • Creating the Team Backlog

Day 2:

    • Managing and Prioritizing the Backlog
    • Agile planning & estimating
    • Deepdive into Kanban
    • Kanban demonstration
    • Setting up your board
    • Daily execution with Kanban
    • Kanban metrics
    • Feedback loops
    • Succeeding with Agile in Infra/Ops

Who Should Attend

Cross-functional Infrastructure and Operations teams members, mangagers and partners who want to learn how to apply Agile and modern ways of working to their environment.