Realign team your teams with 2020 priorities based on recent COVID impact. Redefine your outcomes for 2020 and re-align teams' next 3-6 month priorities. Part 1: This program starts with a 2020 outcome alignment session with your leadership team to gain clarity on what needs to change and be re-prioritized based on any COVID impact (cost cuts, urgent run the business work, capacity constraints, higher demand, lower sales). Part 2: is facilitated realignment and reprioritization workshops across all teams within the specific organization to ensure their next 3 to 6 months outcomes and priorities are aligned.

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Workshop Duration

3 hrs each

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual

Part 1: Leadership Realignment Workshop (3 hrs)

  • Assess impact of COVID on business and operations
  • Re-evaluate current 2020 outcomes and adjust
  • Identify and rank current top priorities
  • Define clear outcomes/ measures for success
  • Determine teams and organizations impacted
  • Identify talent/capacity/skill gaps and risks
  • Identify stakeholders and design communication message

Part 2: Multi-Team Realignment Workshops (3 hrs per group)

  • Facilitated virtual session across all related teams within the organization
  • What’s changed and why – message from Org Leader
  • Review of new outcomes for 2020
  • Review of 3-6 months new priorities
  • Team breakouts to assess impact to current plans
  • Team readouts of impact assessment and adjustments or risks
  • Next steps need to implement realignment for new priorities

Part 1: Senior leaders of the organization from business, technology, PMO, HR and Finance

Part 2: Product Managers and teams who need to realign their priorities