This workshop provides an overview of Individual Role Based Radars, target competencies and what 'good' looks like. A Role Based Radar Assessment is completed during this session.

Participants will build a growth plan based on their assessment, as well as learn the maturity stages specific to their roles and how to develop the skills needed to be effective.

Schedule this Workshop
Workshop Duration

1 day

Facilitation Method


  • Understand the basics of Agile specific to your Individual Role/Talent
    • Agile Leader
    • Agile Coach
    • Product Owner
    • RTE
    • ScrumMaster
  • Assess Your strength & growth opportunities – role specific assessment
  • Understand the competencies & how to mature in them
  • Learn skills specific to your role for leading high performing teams
Agile Leader, Agile Coach, Product Owner, ScrumMaster/ Team Facilitator Radars

Day 1: 

  • Agile review specific to your role
  • Assess your strength & growth opportunities
  • Learn about the competencies for your role
  • Learn about the maturity stages for your role
  • Understand how to develop skills specific to your role

Who Should Attend

Product Owner, ScrumMaster/ Team Facilitator, Agile Leader, Agile Coach, Release Train Engineer (RTE) and Managers (optional).