This workshop provides an overview of Individual Role Based Radars, target competencies and what 'good' looks like. A Role Based Radar Assessment is completed during this session.

Participants will build a growth plan based on their assessment, as well as learn the maturity stages specific to their roles and how to develop the skills needed to be effective.

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Workshop Duration

Module 1 - 3 hrs
Module 2 - 2 hrs

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Understand the basics of Agile specific to your Individual Role/Talent
    • Agile Leader
    • Product Manager
    • Product Owner
    • RTE
    • ScrumMaster
    • Agile Coach
  • Assess Your strength & growth opportunities – role specific assessment
  • Understand the competencies & how to mature in them
  • Learn skills specific to your role for leading high performing teams
Agile Leader, Agile Coach, Product Owner, ScrumMaster/ Team Facilitator Radars

Module 1: 

  • Review the role specific radar
  • Understand expectations and competencies needed
  • Assess your strength & growth opportunities
  • Invite others to give you feedback
  • Module 2: 
    • Understand how to receive feedback
    • Learn how to read the radar and interpret results
    • Review your results, pair with a parter
    • Build a growth plan
    • Commit

Who Should Attend

Product Owner, ScrumMaster/ Team Facilitator, Agile Leader, Agile Coach, Release Train Engineer (RTE) and Managers (optional).