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Create a relentless improvement culture by measuring maturity, performance and outcomes at every level and making measure & grow part of your DNA!

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 Team & Business Agility Baseline

Get a Team & Technical Agility baseline across your train or portfolios and make this practice part of every I&A. Leverage the SAFe® Business Agility radar to understand your portfolio maturity.

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Jump Start Your Talent Development

Quickly up-skill key roles such as Product Owners, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, RTEs, Managers and Team Coaches. Leverage the Learn > Measure > Grow > Mentor AgilityHealth program.

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Lean Portfolio Management Baseline

Assess your Lean Portfolio Management maturity around key SAFe® LPM concepts including Strategy and Investment Funding, Portfolio Operations, Lean Governance and Outcomes/OKR based planning for 2023.

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SAFe® Radars for Every Level

Scaled Agile (SAFe®) Radars & Financial Bank Case Study


  • Overview of the 8 Scaled Agile radars
  • Deeper look at the SAFe® Business Agility radar
  • ROI of AgilityHealth across 90+ team (large financial bank)

AgilityHealth Capabilities Overview

AgilityHealth is the leading measurement and growth intelligence platform enabling you to measure, grow and accelerate your team and enterprise agility maturity & performance. Beyond the radars, explore our capabilities below.

Impactful Growth Portal

The Growth Portal takes growing talent to the next level.

  • Enable Self-Learning and Growth
  • Build improvement plans at all levels
  • Access targeted recommendations, videos and resources
  • Customize or tailor Growth Portal content as needed

Easily Visualize Team Structure

Managing 100+ teams is complicated. The platform gives you a great roll up view where you can see all your teams and improve their structure.

  • Create teams, programs, portfolios and lines of business
  • Track team stability as you create persistent teams
  • Track Agile vs Non-Agile, formed vs not formed teams
  • Set thresholds for role allocation to ensure you have enough talent

Insightful Dashboards

Data is king but it’s also complicated if you can’t take action. We make it easy to get the right insights at every level and take action to propel your teams to the next level

  • Visualize overall team agility, maturity and performance
  • Analyze growth over time and against benchmarks
  • Find targeted growth items to work on
  • Understand overall progress and ROI of your transformation

Kanban-Inspired Outcomes Board

Easily visualize and track outcomes at the 3-year, 1-year and quarterly level and align executives and leaders on company goals and objectives

  • Align Teams to Business Outcomes
  • Align strategy to execution using objective & key results (OKRs)
  • Enable teams to understand the value of their work
  • Track and update 3-year, 1-year & quarterly progress

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