August 22 – 25, 2022
Gaylord Rockies, Denver, Colorado

Join us as we discuss these topics

What's are the role of leaders in enabling growth?

How can we systematically remove obstacles?

How can we align teams to measurable outcomes/OKRs?

How do I develop Agile talent at scale?

How can I make measurements & growth part of our DNA?

What's causing team attrition?
How can I predict it using AgilityHealth?


Measure Your SAFe® Maturity at Every Level

In partnership with SAFe®, AgilityHealth® provides powerful radars to assess the health and maturity of your organization.


/  9:20a.m. (20 min.)

AgilityHealth Product Keynote

Georgia Ouren, our #cool VP of Product Management and Partners, alongside the one and only, Dave Paul, Solution Architect and solver of all problems (not kidding!), will unveil really exciting capabilities such as the Enterprise Agility Dashboard, JIRA Metrics Integration (yes long time coming!), the new AgilityHealth University, the Continuous Improvement Champion Certification and finally, the cool “Show Me” user onboarding guides! DON’T miss this session!

You’ll also meet Christina Michels who bravely took on the role of Product Manager and has been rocking it!


/  9:20a.m. (20 min.)

Agile Talent Development

“We can’t hire fast enough”, “We’re losing our talent because they’re burnt out, offered more money, want flexibility, etc.”. We all know that the backbone of our organization is our PEOPLE, but how do we really take care of them? Grow their skills?  Now, more than ever, many roles are impacted as our organizations move to a new ways of working.

Join us as we explore how AgilityHealth’s Learn > Measure > Grow > Mentor talent jump start program can upskill and reskill your team members and get them excited, challenged and engaged again!

Samar Sokolski
Enterprise Business Agility Strategist

Sally Elatta
Founder & CEO

Winning Back Employee Engagement

Is your company suffering from low engagement and high turnover? Learn what the AgilityHealth platform can tell you about employee engagement and what the one critical thing you can do as a leader to positively influence it as you scale. We’ve also analyzed what impacts Happiness which is a leading indicator for attrition so join us to learn more!

Natalie Solomon
Vice President, Customer Success

Sean Lemson
Organizational Performance Coach

Demystifying Outcomes

Outcomes, outputs, objectives, value. Aren’t these just different words for the same thing? Why should I care about any of it? It can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! To stay competitive, Product teams must shift from being the builder of things (outputs and projects) to solving real business problems (outcomes and objectives). Delivering no value “things,” even at high efficiency, won’t keep you in business. Learn how to take the stigma out of outcomes, escape the output trap, and how you can leverage the AgiltyHealth platform to align Portfolios, Programs, and Teams to building the “right things”!

Bob Posukonis
Enterprise Business Agility Strategist

Bryan Tew
Enterprise Business Agility Strategist


  /  10:50 a.m. (60 min.)

Strategies for Scaling Measurement

Actionable Leadership Insights

Enabling Outcomes & OKR Based Planning

Talent Development

Top Drivers of Team Performance

Enterprise Business Agility Jumpstart

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