Sales Enablement Journey

AgilityHealth | EBA Sales Enablement Journey

1- Start Here

Learn the basics behind WHO is the customer, WHY they want to change (pain points) and WHAT EBA can do for them.

  • Customer Use Cases and Personas
  • Enterprise Business Agility Seminar
  • Sample Call with Customer | 1
  • Sample Call with Customer | 2

2- Customer Discovery

Learn how to facilitate an effective customer discovery call, understand their challenges and present the right solutions.

  • Discovery Call Walkthrough | Discovery Deck
  • Sample Rollout Roadmaps
  • EBA Jump Start Walkthrough | EBA Jump Start Deck

3- Sales, Proposals and Pricing

Learn how to create an effective sales proposal with the right packages and pricing.

  • Walkthrough of the EBA Proposal  | Download Template
  • Sample Proposal 1 | EBA Jump Starts
  • Sample Proposal 2 | EBA + Measurement
  • Closing Tips and Tricks
  • Top Objections & Answers
  • ROI and Benefits

4- Test Your Knowledge

Test your knowledge and readiness to present and sell EBA solutions.

  • Short EBA Sales Enablement Quiz
  • Assignment 1 | Review these use cases and develop a sales strategy
  • Assignment 2 | Pitch back to internal EBA sales enablement team

Accelerate Your Learning Journey

Follow this learning path to gain the confidence and readiness to present and sell the AgilityHealth – EBA solutions. If you still have questions or need directions please contact us below.

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