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Measure & Improve Your SAFe® Maturity with 8 New AgilityHealth® Radar Assessments

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Join Sally Elatta, founder of AgilityHealth® and Inbar Oren, SAFe® Fellow, to learn more about the 8 new Measure and Grow Business Agility assessments offered by Scaled Agile®.

These new radars provide a powerful way to assess the health of your organization at the team, train, portfolio levels in addition to digging deeper into DevOps, leadership agility and overall business agility.

Most importantly, learn how to bring continuous improvement and make it part of your DNA.

Learn how to access the assessments from the SAFe Community website, as well as unlock them for your organization.

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Your Hosts

Sally Elatta
CEO and Founder

Inbar Oren
SAFe® Fellow, Principal Consultant and SAFe® Contributor
Scaled Agile, Inc.

AgilityHealth assessments provide targeted recommendations and improvement plans, insights into growth, and trends over time. Benchmark with internal teams or the global AgilityHealth Index®.

In this webinar, learn how your organization can assess its maturity across these areas:

  • SAFe® Business Agility
  • SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management
  • SAFe® Agile Product Delivery
  • SAFe® Team and Technical Agility
  • SAFe® DevOps
  • SAFe® Continuous Learning Culture
  • SAFe® Lean-Agile Leadership
  • SAFe® Organizational Agility
  • SAFe® Enterprise Solution Delivery

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This webinar is ideal for Transformation Leaders leading large-scale Scaled Agile rollouts, ACE members, and Scaled Agile Community Members

Sally Elatta

Sally is a thought leader in the space of Enterprise Business Agility and Measurement. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who advises top executives of leading global enterprises through their Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) transformations using the Enterprise Business Agility Model. Sally strongly believes in measuring what matters, and that measurement without growth is effort without impact. These guiding principles inspired the creation of AgilityHealth®, the world’s leading measurement and continuous improvement platform, to help organizations accelerate their enterprise business agility transformations and thrive in ever-changing markets.

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Inbar Oren

Inbar has more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech market, working in small and large enterprises, as well as a range of roles from development and architecture to executive positions. For over a decade, Inbar has been helping development organizations – in both software and integrated systems – improve results by adopting Lean-Agile best practices.

Working as a principal contributor to SAFe®, and Scaled Agile instructor and consultant, Inbar’s current focus is on working with leaders at the Program, Value Stream, and Portfolio levels to help them bring the most out of their organizations, build new processes and culture.

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