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Step 1 - Scrum Master Self Assessment


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Step 2 - Take the Scrum Master 360° Assessment as a Team


Are you part of a Scrum Master Team?

You’ve completed the Scrum Master self-assessment. Now it’s time to get real-world feedback from your peers and team members. Take the Scrum Master Team 360° Assessment with your entire team or community of practice and unlock the powerful capabilities of AgilityHealth.

Benefits include:

  • Analyze common strengths and gaps
  • Use data to identify targeted learning, mentorship and growth plans for your community
  • Access the AgilityHealth growth portal for self-learning resources to help you grow in each of the 23 radar competencies

Schedule a 30 min call with your manager and one of our Talent Development Strategists to learn more.

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*Pricing starts at $3000 and includes the Scrum Master 360° Assessment and AgileVideos for up to 10 people.

Step 3 - Take Your Skills to the Next Level with AgileVideos 14 Day Trial


Watch It. Learn It. Do It Now.

Whether you’re new to Agile or a seasoned Scrum Master, there’s always something to learn. That’s why we created AgileVideos, the largest on-demand video library designed to fast track Agile learning with over 300+ practical videos you can watch today and apply tomorrow. Follow our guided 12-week learning plan for Scrum Masters or learn by course or topic.

You will learn:

  • the core scrum processes as well as key roles and expectations on an Agile Team
  • how to effectively facilitate Agile meetings with clear agendas
  • conflict management and how to remove impediments
  • about servant leadership and how to become a high performing team

We’ve also included videos for Kanban.

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Preview a few sample videos

Kanban Videos

This course offers an in-depth view on how a Kanban system operates and how it can be applied to your team. You will learn each of the tenants of Kanban, how to set up your board, how to measure the flow of work and how to implement a Kanban system within your team.

Agile Simulation

Watch this unique day in the life of an Agile Team. Follow this simulation series as the team practices all the Agile lifecycle activities from visioning, planning, writing stories, sizing, prioritizing, building a release plan and executing the key sprint/iteration meetings.

Leading High-Performing Teams

This leadership course is for Scrum Masters, managers and change leaders who are ready to shift from command and control style to servant leadership. You’ll learn what it takes to create self-organizing collaborative teams and how to manage team forming and storming phases.